Congratulations to Delpha Corwin, high school head secretary, and Jenna Betts, high school English Language Arts teacher, for being selected as the second trimester Neah-Kah-Nie School District Treasure Award recipients!

Dr. Buckmaster wrote these inspiring words in her nomination of Delpha for this award:

It is hard to put all that Delpha does into words because she impacts so many people in different ways each day.  I am so appreciative of her knowledge, persistence and integrity- she is the glue that holds the HS together.  Delpha is the go-to person for all synergy questions and support, she helps students with transcripts, teachers with paperwork, keeps the finances in order, mentors new staff members, and helps me get the information I need on a daily basis to take care of business.  Delpha supports the entire district by arranging sub coverage, many times miraculously engineering coverage with the most limited availability.

Delpha is a fixer, a trouble shooter, a long range planner, organizer, supporter, counselor, and a comedian

Delpha has a heart of gold but she is also tough as nails, she helps maintain high standards of accountability and accuracy.  They say everyone is replaceable, I disagree where Delpha is concerned.

She is an amazing resource for the district and we love her!

Stevie Jackson acknowledged Jenna Betts with these kind words:

 I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude to be afforded the opportunity to work with Jenna. I appreciate her hard work in the classroom and the extra time she commits outside of the classroom to student-athletes in her roles of volleyball, basketball, and track coach. She is always in the building preparing for the day as I arrive, even after a late night home from long-distance athletic events. I believe all high school staff appreciate her work ethic and dedication to the success of all NKN students. In my modest calculations, I estimate she puts in 400+ hours per year coaching in addition to her teaching time. You rock Jenna!

With admiration and respect,

-Stevie Jackson

 Delpha and Jenna will be recognized at a staff meeting and student assembly and will receive special plaques and gift certificates.  Congratulations Delpha and Jenna!

The Neah-Kah-Nie School District’s employee recognition program, Treasure Awards, is a way for students, staff, parents and community members to nominate a district employee for his/her outstanding work.

Treasure Awards was created by representatives from employee groups, administrators, and school board/community members.

The goal of Treasure Awards is for a sustainable employee recognition program that honors the hard work and dedication of school district staff.

School staff, volunteers, and community members are encouraged to nominate school district employees for the Treasure Award. Two staff will be selected each trimester to receive the award.