NKN Staff, please take a few moments to recognize our classified staff during Classified Week.  When I think of our classified staff, I think of:

Shawn Grimes, IA, GGS-Shawn was ecstatic that one of his assigned  students completed all math, reading, writing, and social skills tasks, on time.  Shawn was more excited than the student.  Great job Shawn!

Jamie Nugent, IA, GGS-Jamie’s idea of moving the special education classroom to an improved, more spacious, location will come to fruition this spring break.  Great idea Jamie!

Kathy Kammerer, Media, Nehalem-Kathy expressed interest in participating in the three day August staff development trainings.  Kathy wanted all classified staff to participate in these trainings, not just instructional assistants.  Kathy was correct in her advocacy.  Thank you for changing my mind with your rationale!

John Wheeler, Head Custodian, NKN High-John moves faster than the wind as he cleans, disinfects, and repairs.  Slooow down John!

Shannon Mulcahy-Hill, Secretary, Nehalem-Shannon always has a smile on her face answering  the phone or talking with staff, students, and parents.  Keep smiling Shannon!

Samantha Jepson-Special Ed. IA, Middle School-If you have not seen how much care Samantha gives her assigned student as she helps him walk, you are in for a surprise.  Keep on truckin Samantha!

Jaki Darby, NKN preschool-Jaki is more than Angie’s “right hand” in the classroom.  She is Angie’s “right & left hand.”  You are terrific Jaki!

Margaret Whiting, Secretary & ASPIRE Coordinator-Last Friday, Margaret was the principal, head secretary, teacher, instructional assistant, and six other roles as she managed the high school with ten staff absent.  Margaret is “da best!”

Yuki Shomi, IA, GGS-Yuki saved the day by intervening when two students decided to take a snow ball fight to the next level.  Way to use your outside voice Yuki!

I could write pages and pages of examples of the dedicated work of classified staff, THANK YOU!!!

I will deliver cheese and meat platters to each school tomorrow to recognize the work of our classified staff, enjoy the treat!