Staff, congratulations to the Neah-Kah-Nie School District Employee Treasure Awards recipients for third trimester: Kim Miller and Russell Zaugg.  This semester it was very difficult for the Employee Recognition Committee to select our two outstanding recipients because there were so many qualified candidates.

Kim Miller

When we came together to talk about Kim Miller, it was not hard to quickly fill a page with qualities that are worthy of this award. No matter the role, she fulfills the requirements with lots of energy, a smile, a positive attitude, and pride. She has a passion for what she does, and it shows. Here a just a few of many possible examples:

Kim is an instructional assistant who, on top of that, works as our school science teacher. In that role, she creates outstanding science lessons where she integrates a vast amount of knowledge, media, and hands on experiments. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and the kids learn much in a short period of time. She adds to students’ learning with eye catching and informative main hall bulletin boards which contain tons of information about the subjects at hand. On her own, Kim develops and volunteers to teach social studies units (like Native American history, hunger, and global water shortage) where kids are expertly provided intriguing and thoughtful background and then go through hands on experiences that they will never forget. She has traveled extensively and brings her own vast personal experiences to the students and classrooms.

Kim is also one of Nehalem Elementary most valuable, popular, and successful after school math and reading responsible for family communication and transportation as well as engaging content.

Kim is someone we can always count on to help. She is constantly there to support others and is extremely generous. She has been known to provide snacks for hungry kids after swimming, and as a trained chef, offers desserts and gourmet offerings that are the center of most every special school celebration the Mudd Nick auction dinner. We have heard that in the summer, she takes some of our students to the library every week, so they are sure to have book to read, and then off for a treat afterward. She is an important Secret Angel supporter- school clothes shopping with students to holiday gift giving and the backbone of our Nehalem Elementary Week of Giving.

Kim is a lifelong learner who loves to teach, and she takes advantage of every teachable moment. She never misses a district training session, and often leads family night learning opportunities.

Definitely an employee that enriches all of our lives, we are happy and honored to nominate Kim Miller for the Nah-Kah-Nie School District Treasure Award. Thank you for your consideration.

Russell Zaugg

Russell Zaugg is consistently inspiring students to strive for excellence in music. The proof is completely apparent in his ensembles’ performances, which improve in quality with every concert. Mr. Zaugg is sets the bar high for himself and is a shining example to his students of how to hold one’s self responsible, while having a good time learning. He also seeks ways to engage young 6th grade music learners that are fun, age-appropriate, and collaborative. I have a great friend in him, but I also have a tremendous colleague who is dedicated to continually inspiring students to seek new musical endeavors as well as to cooperate with peers to reach common goals on a constant basis. I congratulate him on his success and hope to continue to witness it for years to come.

 Kim and Russell will be recognized in front of students and colleagues at end-of-the year assemblies.  Each Treasure Award recipient is awarded a plaque and a $25 gift certificate.

Please continue to recognize our true treasures by nominating employees for this prestigious award.