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Neah-Kah-Nie In-service Week Schedule



Friday, August 18

8:00-4:00                   New staff orientation @ district office (Synergy, PERS, leave requests, etc.)  Lunch will be provided.  Kathie Sellars is the organizer.

Tuesday, August 22

8:00-4:00                   Elementary Developing Academic Language Learners (DAL) Training @ DO Board Room.  Instructional assistants/media are encouraged to sign up for this paid training.  Lunch on your own.

MS/HS does not report

Wednesday, August 23

8:00-4:00                   Elementary DAL Training @DO Board Room.  Lunch on your own.

MS/HS work in classrooms

Thursday, August 24

8:00-4:00                   Elementary DAL Training @ DO Board Room.  Lunch on your own.

MS/HS Building Meetings

8:00-12:00                 MS/HS First Aid, CPR, and AED (Cerisa, Robin)  @ HS Library

Friday, August 25

8:00-4:00                   MS/HS Constructing Meaning Training @ HS Library

Instructional assistants/media are encouraged to join teachers for this paid training.

Elementary teachers work in classrooms, lunch on your own.

8:00-12:00                 Optional elementary CPR/AED & First Aid Training

@ district office with Cerisa and Robin

Monday, August 28

8:00-11:00                 K-1 Elementary Ready Math PD @ DO Board Room

11:00-12:00               Kinder OAKS Assessment Training with Tami @ DO conference room.  Lunch on own.

11:00-4:00                 Grade 1 work in classrooms, lunch on own.

12:30-4:00                 Kindergarten teachers work in classrooms.

8:00-12:00                 Grades 2-5 work in classrooms, lunch on own.

12:00-3:00                 Grades 2-5 Elementary Ready Math PD @ DO Board Room

3:00-4:00                   Grades 2-5 work in classrooms

8:00-4:00                   MS/HS Constructing Meaning Training @ HS Library

Tuesday, August 29

8:00-4:00                   Elementary staff work in buildings, lunch on your own.

MS/HS Constructing Meaning Training @ HS Library

9:00-1:00                   Cooks Meeting/Training D.O Conf. Room

(Breakfast/Lunch provided)

Wednesday, August 30

8:00-9:00                   District Breakfast–Introduce new staff @ HS Cafeteria

9:00-10:00                 Insurance presentation-MODA

10:00-11:00               Licensed union meeting @ HS Library

Classified union meeting @ MS Library

11:00-12:30               Medicine administration & Epi (All PE teachers, all elem teachers,

coaches, cafeteria staff, secretaries, administrators and other staff responsible for dispensing medicines.)

12:30-1:00                 Lunch on own

1:00-4:00                   K-5 Building meetings (staff meeting, PBIS, etc.)

HS- lesson planning/ curriculum mapping- implementation of Constructing Meaning.

MS-PBIS, ELA & math mapping, Technology Rich Classroom

1:00-1:30                   Busette training refresher/renewals

1:30-3:00                   Busette training for new staff

Thursday August 31

8:00-4:00                   MS/HS staff work in classrooms, lunch on your own.

Elementary staff has Reading Mastery training @ DO (elementary teachers, IA’s and other selected special education staff members)

K-1 Reading Mastery Curriculum Level in the DO Board Room

Gr. 2-5 Reading Mastery Curriculum Level in the DO Conf. Room

Friday, September 1

8:00-12:00                 Non-contract day; however, new K-5 licensed and classified staff are invited to participate in a paid four hour Technology Rich Classroom training at the District Office Conference Room.  Veteran K-5 staff who are new to a TRC classroom, are also invited. Make sure to bring your own device (laptop or Chromebook).


8:00-4:00                   Active Board training for any teacher, K-12, wanting to be trained in how to use this instructional technology tool.  Interested teachers will be paid for this day, a 30 minute lunch on your own.  This training will be in the middle school science classroom.

Tuesday, September 5

First day of school!

MS/HS Constructing Meaning additional training dates for 2017-18:

Oct. 20

Jan. 12

Elementary Active Board training-January 12



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