NCRD has partnered with Neah-Kah-Nie School District and MuddNick Foundation to welcome Missoula Children’s Theatre June 18-23, 2018.

“Missoula Children’s Theatre is a non-profit organization that fosters enrichment and education in children of all ages through theatre.  The unique Missoula Children’s Theatre Tour Project is the largest touring children’s theatre program in the United States. We work with more than 65,000 children in nearly 1,200 week-long residencies annually in all 50 states and about 16 other countries. Each week, up to 45 teams of 2 tour actor/directors travel to a new town, audition and cast 50-60 local children in an original musical production, run rehearsals, teach workshops and by the end of the week perform a full-scale musical with the cast including full costumes, sets, lights and props that the directors bring along with them.”

This no cost opportunity will be open to all children entering 1st grade through age 18 who reside in the Neah-Kah-Nie School district boundaries, bus services will be available. For more information contact Kiley Konruff at or call 855-444-6273.