Hi All,

I need to make everyone aware of the fact that we have a major lighting project starting soon that will retrofit all of our current lights to LED lights. Mark Sybouts has been working on this cost saving plan for quite some time and we are now ready to move forward.
The work will be done in 10 hr shifts Monday through Thursday after classes are out. The tentative schedule goes as follows.
GGS  3 days starting Monday 12/3/18
HS     3 days starting Thursday  12/6/18
MS     2 days starting Wednesday 12/12/18
DO     2 days starting Monday 12/17/18
NES   2 days starting Wednesday 12/19/18
This project has a total cost of $253,716. There will be a PUD rebate of $75,357. Our net cost will be $178,359.
Estimated annual energy savings comes in at $18,086 along with estimated annual maintenance cost savings of $5,343. Total annual estimated savings of $23,429. Estimated payback time frame from energy and maintenance savings is 7.61 years.
This will give better and more consistent lighting and it also eliminates the mercury florescent
tubes we currently use along with the cost of disposal of those tubes. The cost savings speak for themselves.
Thank you Mark. As someone who deals with the constant changing out of ballasts and tubes throughout the buildings this project is totally appreciated.
Steve Baertlein
Facilities Director