The Neah-Kah-Nie School District is a leader in instructional technology. As a school district, it is our goal to prepare students to face the ever changing technology demands they will face in an educational setting and in the workforce. One way the district has focused its resources to meet this goal is through Technology Rich Classrooms (TRC) and computer labs at each school. TRC at the middle school includes most subject areas including English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. High school TRC classrooms include English Language Arts, Math, and Science. Students in second to eighth grade have 1:1 mobile devices. From second grade to 12th grade, students are asked to digitally complete assignments and presentations and submit their assignments online. Students also research topics using internet resources and are able to access an increasing number of curriculum materials online. TRC teachers participate in monthly meetings and have additional professional development opportunities through the district to keep current with evolving technologies and educational applications. In addition to school computer labs and classrooms equipped with 1:1 mobile devices, all classrooms have document cameras, computer stations, projectors, and many have Smart Boards. A 3D copier is available at the high school and middle school.

Word processing skills are essential for student success in our digital world of standardized testing, educational technology, and the demands of our future workforce.

Word processing skills are taught at all schools, including preschool. At the elementary and middle school levels, all students can access the typing program Typing Club at school and at home.

At the middle and high schools, parents have direct access to student grades and attendance with Parent View. If parents want more information about Parent View, please contact the school secretary. Middle and high school students can gain access to the district internet with their personal devices daily. Many students use personal devices to utilize online texts offered through the media centers.

The district’s technology plan can be found by clicking here.

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