School closures and delays will be announced on the district home page. In the absence of any message, school will be running on time, without delay.  Notification of closure/delay will occur prior to 6:00 AM.  Radio stations and news media will continue to be notified in these cases.  Notifications and updates will also be available on the District’s Facebook page.

Snow Day Communication Plan


School Messenger is an automated calling system that the District uses for attendance calls, to notify parent of special events, but most importantly to notify parents of an unexpected, weather related, school closure.  The system will call the phone numbers that is in your child’s student record.  For returning students, our schools provide to parents a print out of the parent contact information that is a part or your child’s student record.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that our schools have the most current parent contact information.

Please review and update your child’s parent contact information at the beginning of the year and any time during the year that contact information changes.


FlashAlert is the service we use to provide notice of emergency closures to the Portland television and radio stations. The system will send you a text and/or email message. (FAMILIES THAT SIGNED UP LAST YEAR WILL GET A MESSAGE WITH A LINK FOR THEM TO LOG IN AND RENEW THEIR SUBSCRIPTION, or you may log in and request a test message to revalidate your account.)

To subscribe to this service, follow the link listed below.  You also can download the iOS/Android app FlashAlert Messenger to your phones and link it to your account.

FlashAlert Signup