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Neah-Kah-Nie Pirates, Family, Community and Friends;

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

Please use the links provided on this page to directly communicate (early and often) with staff members if you need anything!

We anticipate a stable population of about 50 incoming freshmen, 60 sophomores, 60 juniors and 50 seniors.  Our staff is a great team of professionals committed to providing a learning community focused on improvement, persistence, integrity and kindness.  While recognizing there are always areas we need to continue to improve, we are proud of our students’ performance in Language Arts (12% points higher than state average), Math (8% higher than state average), and Science (16% higher than the state average).

We are also proud to begin our second year of mentoring through our Aspire program, supporting college and career readiness through our partnerships with TBCC, the Northwest Promise, Willamette Promise and continuing our Positive Behavior and Instructional Supports practices.  It is never too early to begin working for and planning for future success.  This year we have created a scholarship link to help families and students do just that!

All students at the high school have access to a wide variety of supports that include both in-school and after school study hall and tutoring, on-line grade monitoring (StudentVUE and ParentVUE), on-line classes, AP and dual credit classes, counseling, access to rich elective courses and extracurricular activities.  We hope every student will be meaningfully engaged in healthy physical and academic pursuits.  This year we are thrilled to announce that the “pay-to-play” fees have been eliminated!  We hope to see our programs bursting at the seams with new team members utilizing our amazing facilities which now includes a fantastic renovated 8 lane track!

Healthy is a key word for all of us these days.  We need your support in helping our students get and stay healthy in every sense of the word.  We have a full time counselor on staff to assist with academic advising and problem solving.  Tillamook Family Counseling Center also provides additional counseling support for students when needed.

Most barriers to student success typically stem from some deficit in overall health, whether physical, emotional, academic, or social.   A new partnership we hope will help us be more knowledgeable and proactive in preventing negative health impact on students is SafeOregon.  If you see or hear about bullying, violence, drugs, or harm to students, staff or school, please report a tip using the SafeOregon link provided on this page.

For us, the most important indicator of health is attendance at school.  We are very confident that students will be successful if they come to school regularly.  This means missing no more than 15 days in the entire school year.  Our goal is that each student has better than a 90% attendance rate.  This year we will be implementing a great attendance reward at the end of each trimester.  While intrinsic rewards are best, we hope to increase the motivation to prioritize attendance and reward the students that accomplish this goal!

It is our greatest hope and intent that every NKN student find success and be actively involved in the school and community.  The NKN HS staff and I invite you to participate, provide feedback and help us make sure that every effort put forth has the greatest positive impact.

Go Pirates!

Dr. Heidi Buckmaster, Principal

Located in Rockaway Beach Oregon

24705 Hwy 101 N
Rockaway Beach, OR 97136
Phone: 503-355-2272
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Neah-Kah-Nie commits to providing a learning community focused on improvement, persistence and integrity.


Full engagement in rigorous academics and healthy activities will produce graduates able to apply the literacy, problem solving, creativity and technology skills needed for success in college and the work force.

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