It is a new day in school cafeterias across the country and Neah-Kah-Nie School District strives to serve students nutritious and flavorful meals. The new Federal Meal Pattern requirements direct school districts on what must be served to children in the following food groups: Meat and Meat alternate; Fruit and Vegetables; Bread and Whole Grains and Milk.

Additionally, included in the Federal guidelines, specific caloric intake levels have also been established by age/grade group. It is the mission of the Food Service Department to provide the best meals that meet these Federal guidelines.

Parents will see new food items on our school lunch menus.  You will also notice that there will not be as many daily offerings, this will allow our cafeteria staff more time to prepare home-cooked food items.  We will be adding new recipes throughout the year as well as creating menus that are seasonally appropriate.  We encourage parents to come in and have lunch with their children, especially when new food items are on the menu. Often children will only eat foods that they are familiar with. Research proves that students who eat a nutritious, balanced diet are better prepared to learn.  It is our desire for all our students to perform well by feeding them healthy, nutritious and delicious meals.

While it is our mission to serve nutritious and delicious meals, it is also our desire that none of our students go without a meal.  Neah-Kah-Nie School District encourages families to complete a National School Lunch Program Free or Reduced Meal application if they believe they meet the income guidelines.  Submitting an application is easier than ever before.  Parents can fill out an application by going to, there is also a link to below and on the Parent section of our website.  Links to the Free and Reduced Meal applications are available below. Paper applications are always available in the school offices or from the District Office.

We look forward to serving your children.

ODE Notifications