The Neah-Kah-Nie School District community is made up of Staff, Students, Parents, and Residents of the communities we serve. Working together, we are accomplishing some amazing things at our four schools…

  • Garibaldi Grade School (Wolves)
  • Nehalem Elementary (Seagulls)
  • NKN Middle School (Raiders)
  • NKN High School (Pirates)

Your School District Staff

  • $45,275 is the first year teacher salary with no teaching experience (2022-23)
  • $48,665 is the first year teacher salary with a MA (2022-23)
  • $90,546 is the top of the teacher salary (2022-23)
  • Family Resource Coordinators at each school, District-wide Hispanic Family Resource Coordinator, Elementary literacy coach, Music teacher preschool-high school, Full time nurse, school counselors at each school, Free full day Preschool Promise, Instructional Technology Coach, Response to Instruction & Intervention(RTI) K-8

Home to: Oregon Secondary Media Specialist of the Year (Kathryn Harmon 2021), Oregon Small School’s Administrator of the Year (Kristi Woika, 2016), Oregon Small School’s Teacher of the Year (Cynthia Grelck, 2013)

Teacher in the middle of a lesson for his class.

Your Students

36 students were recognized for 42 scholarships totaling over $144,000 was earned by the class of 2022 with students entering the following:

  • 4-yr college/university – 9
  • 2-yr community college/vocational – 15
  • Military –
  • Trade school-5
  • Undecided-
  • 1086 average SAT score
  • 36 students enrolled in the preschool (2022) program.
  • 100% of Nehalem elementary students have access to swimming instruction
A group of students plays basketball in the school gym.

Your Schools

  • 31% of students are enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program
  • 600 meals served daily
  • 525 students are transported to school
  • 15% of students are identified as special needs students
  • Over 90% of parents regularly attend parent teacher conferences
  • 8% of students are identified as English as a Second Language
  • Average elementary class size 17
  • Average middle school class size 20
  • Average high school class size 17

Your Facilities

  • Outdoor play structures at Garibaldi Grade School and Nehalem Elementary (2021)
  • $225,000 access control system district-wide (2020)
  • $300,000 window and siding replacement, Garibaldi Grade School (2019)
  • $3 million seismic upgrade grants Nehalem Elementary & Garibaldi Grade School (2018-19)
  • $300,000 renovation of high school chemistry classroom (2019)
  • $300,000 high school welding lab (2019)
  • $2.5 million track & field renovation (2017)
  • $1.5 million seismic upgrade grant Nehalem Elementary (2017)
  • $16.5 million middle school bond will be paid off (2025)
  • 216,000 number of square feet of building space is managed by your maintenance staff
Aerial view of one of our lovely track and field facilities.

Your Technology in Classrooms

  • 1:1 Chromebook to student ratio grades 2-8
  • Majority of high school classes with 1:1 Chromebook computer/to student ratio
  • Most classrooms have Active Boards
  • 100% of classrooms have projectors/Document Cameras

Your New Curriculums

  • New curriculums in the last five years:
  • Elementary: English Language Arts, literacy intervention, math, math intervention, music, health
  • Middle School: English Language Arts, math, math intervention, science, social studies, band, choir
  • High School: English Language Arts, math, math intervention, health, algebra, science, biology, Spanish