Middle School Announcements

January 22 , 2021


January Student birthdays:  Let’s give happy birthday shout-outs to: 1/9 Isaac Ferber, 1/12 Gage Wilkinson, 1/13 Maleena Anderson, 1/15 Joseph Laun, 1/19 Amethyst Hoisington Kite and John Zandbergen, 1/21 Yukon Norris Rivera and Cody Edelenbos, 1/25 Mykenna Baker-Moore, Jordynn Burch and Maya Matthews, 1/26 Tessa Benito McAmis, 1/28 Alexis Pearson, and 1/31 David Weitzel.


Revised Class Schedule: Heads up….there will be revised  schedule that will start up on February 1st. Your advisors will tell you about it and we will be sending it out via email today to all parents. (It will be in Mrs. Dilbeck’s Newsletter)


Art Contest Winners: At the end of the year, Tillamook Family Counseling Center had an artwork contest for their 2021 calendar.  Several Raiders won and their work was included inthe calendar! Congratulations to:  Anna Roddy, Cloey Dixon, Liam Gibson, Yukon Norris-Rivera and Annalise Moran!


From Ms. Harmon: There will be an Onshape competition this month to design your own building system (think LEGO- but not) look for an email from Ms. Harmon coming this week. There will be awesome prizes. See your email for more information. Reply to Ms. Harmon’s email if you have any questions. 


From Mr. Zaugg: Sixth graders who were in beginning band first trimester. You need to return the school recorders. They are not yours. They are the schools.



Hey middle school students, since we will continue our CDL online it’s important

you stay informed.  Please check your email at the beginning and throughout your school day.

This is how your teacher keeps you informed of possible schedule changes and classwork.

At times it can be overwhelming, but, if you check your email daily you are certain to stay in the loop!


Yearbooks: Submit some pictures please….get creative…perhaps a picture with you and your pet, doing hobbies, or outdoor activities are just  a few ideas.  Email to tamiw@nknsd.org.    



Check out the Sand Dollar Cart in your exploratory classroom. 

Contact Marie at marieg@nknsd.org when you find something you want to purchase.  

Sand Dollar Cart hours are THURSDAY’S AT 11:00AM – 12:00PM.


Reminder: Please use your same color-coded bag to return any books/assignments/materials.


Principal Chat: Mrs. Dilbeck will be available at 3pm on Thursdays.  Zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81565930958  (Teachers can you place this in your Google Classrooms)  I will be personally inviting students to join me.  Watch your email on Thursday mornings for this special invitation!


Family Chat Sessions:  

When:  Every Friday from 1:15-1:45

What:  A time for you and your family to meet with teachers to ask questions

Where:  Zoom Links are below

  Sixth grade meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88586892197?pwd=NndEN3VTZit4T2I5MkRHa2FRbjJEZz09#success

7th and 8th grade meeting: