COVID-19 Update | Actualización de COVID-19

Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV or COVID-19) is a virus strain that has only spread in people since December 2019. Health experts are concerned because little is known about the new virus. It has the potential to cause severe illness and pneumonia in some people and there is no treatment. Although the exact mechanisms of transmission are… Read More

Substitutes Needed!

Teacher Substitutes – Regularly licensed teachers or those who have a Bachelors degree and want to obtain a restricted substitute license – $189.36 per day for the first 10 days, $222.72 per day after the first 10 days, for those who hold a regular or unrestricted substitute license – Go to Classified Substitutes –… Read More

Coronavirus Update Letter

Dear Students, Families, and Staff, Over the weekend, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) confirmed several new presumptive cases of COVID-19. The unfortunate reality is that COVID-19 is in our community. Updated guidance from OHA is that closing schools may not be an effective method for stopping the spread of the virus. This is the same… Read More