The FRC (Family Resource Center) is where students and families receive support in many forms. Many students access it as a clothing bank for new/used clothing. Swim suits, towels, warm jackets, shoes and other clothing items are checked out or given away nearly every day. The FRC also acts as a hygiene & grooming station, a temporary dental sealant area and a place to conduct individual and school-wide head checks. Students and their families may request assistance at any time. The FRC will do its best to accommodate those with small, urgent or confidential needs.

Not as visible is the partnering with community and county agencies to help families who are in need of emergency assistance. Each week the FRC helps to facilitate the backpack program by helping the amazing volunteers with the storage and distribution of weekly food assistance.

Nearly all the faces of NES make it into the FRC eventually. For some it’s a place to play games with friends as a reward for good behavior. For many it’s a classroom for extended support before and after school. Everyone is treated with kindness. Everyone is welcome.

Students walking down the hallway of Nehalem Elementary School