Supplemental Learning

The term “supplemental educational services” is specific language used by Oregon Department of Education and refers to optional, free academic exposure that is provided to students in various subjects. “Learning support” refers to the services provided to students who need additional help, and it may be used in reference to “enrichment” activities for students to extend their learning. These are not intended to be replacements for school or core curriculum, and it is not initial instruction.

These resources are not required, but available to continue the pursuit of learning. 

We hope that many of these activities provided can be done with the family, and that you will have fun in the process of learning!

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Supplemental Learning Activities



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Special Education

Students with disabilities who have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) will receive individualized supplementary support plans from their child’s special education teacher.  These will provide families with ideas to support their child’s IEP goals and objectives. These are supplemental supports to their child’s distance learning program.

Los estudiantes con discapacidades que tienen Planes de educación individualizados (IEP) recibirán planes de apoyo complementario individualizado del maestro de educación especial de sus hijos. Esto proporcionará a las familias ideas para apoyar las metas y objetivos del IEP de sus hijos. Estos son apoyos suplementarios para el programa de aprendizaje a distancia de sus hijos.